Ankle Rehab 3

Unfortunately I have had to take a step back from rehabilitation and training following my recent follow-up with the surgeon who performed the Op and a newly assigned ‘specialist’ physio. My surgeon has a keen interest in endurance related injuries and my physio has worked with elite endurance athletes after this particular operation. So I certainly couldn’t ask for better judgement and advice when it comes to rehabilitation.

The main problem is that there is still a considerable discrepancy in the muscles of both legs. The right leg muscles obviously atrophied post-Op thanks to the cast and air boot. At the same time the muscles in the weight-bearing left leg increasing in size. This inevitably created the imbalances I mentioned before, with soreness in the ankle (morning and short runs), and referral pain in my lower back. After a discussion with the specialist physio we agreed I should stop running completely (!), and scale back the swimming to just 2 sessions/week. Cycling has not been a problem, but it’s the one activity I find it hard to do right now with limited time available.

I wouldn’t say I’m frustrated any more. I’ve not been completely fit for several years because of one thing or another. The most important thing is to be realistic and understanding of the situation, and look ahead. There may be a point when I’m able to train and race again with good health. Once I’m re-motivated I can drop to race weight and get back up to a decent standard in whichever age-group cat that may be. I’ve been doing this on and off for the years. Muscle memory has served me well over the years and with a few months of swimming, cycling or running I can get back up to a decent standard. So let’s keep that thought for the future and see what happens.

I’ve had a great run of results and had some amazing experiences both in races, record attempts, and personal training. I’d be happy to ‘retire’ from competitive racing if forced to do so, but being quite a competitive person, with a daughter I’d love to inspire, I really want to keep that door open. Of course I still get to enjoy results through those I coach.

Looking back at the time since my longer runs/races, and a few photos:

Run 5-15 mile 13 Mar 2017
Run over 15 mile 17 Aug 2016 (Offas Dyke Run/Walk)
Race over 10 mile 6 Aug 2015 (Richmond Ultra)
Race over 30 mile 3 May 2014 (Malvern Ultra)



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