Other Challenges

2013 (Jun)
Coast to Coast Run
196 Miles in 4 Days

2012 (Jul)
Cotswold Way Record Attempt
102 miles Non-Stop

2010 (Aug)
West Highland Way and Great Glen Way (Camping Hike)
96 and 73 Miles respectively

2009 (Sep)
Offas Dyke Challenge (Ultra Run)
178 Miles – Non-stop Run in under 44 Hours
Pulled-out injured at 80 Miles

2008 (Aug)
Coast to Coast (Camping Hike)
190 Miles in 12 Days

2007 (Aug)
Pennine Way (Camping) Hike
275 Miles in 12 Days

2006 (Jun)
Lands End to John O’Groats Bike Ride ‘Island Hopper’
Including Inner and Outter Hebrides
Unassisted and camping
1140 Miles in 13 Days

2005 (Jun)
Lands End to John O’Groats Bike Ride (and return to Inverness)
Unassisted and Camping
1085 Miles in 13 Days


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