1 March 2011

Another good week of running – 84miles in total, alternating tempo and recovery sessions. I took the splint off at the weekend and managed to get through two running sessions and a short turbo without any problems. I’m tentative about getting back in the pool or gym though, so may give it a few more days and see if I can strengthen it up a little more. I have picked up my fair share of minor injuries in recent years, but thankfully I’m a fast healer.

I broke my period of alcohol abstinence at the weekend. I hadn’t touched a drop until the weekend, and after passing a bottle of red wine through my system in 2 days I can now see the benefits of going tee-total!  My sleep has been particularly disrupted.  So I’ve decided to limit myself to occasion/social-drinking only. I reckon that’s a good compromise.

I have just entered a 10mile race for the coming weekend. Obviously I don’t expect to be 100%, but will go out at a good pace anyway and chalk it up as a tough training session. I have also entered the Malvern Hills Ultra (55M) on 7 May. That’s three weeks off the back of the London Marathon, so just enough time to recover and carry through the accumulated fitness. I’m looking forward to this race. It’s 10miles longer than the Brecon Beacons Ultra, but the first 25miles will be flat(ish) and the terrain should be a bit more forgiving. I hope to do a 2-day recce in the coming weeks.

It is likely that in 2012 (date tbc) I, along with a friend, will be making an official attempt at one of the national trail records. I have been in talks with him, and one other ultra running friend, about the logistics of this and we’re keen to take it forward. At end April we will recce part of the course and then sit down and settle on a date, possible target time and other logistics. I’m quite excited.

Next Events
Sat 5 Mar – Sri Chinmoy 10mile Run (Battersea Park)
Sun 27 Mar – Kingston 16mile Run
Wed 30 Mar – Civil Service 10km Champs (Battersea Park)
Sun 17 Apr – London Marathon


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