Quite amusing and sums up the lighter side of Ironman and Ultra running. My aspirations can flit from one to the other. One day I’m entering an Ironman-distance event or checking out the latest bike equipment, and the next I’ve got OS maps out to check local trail runs. Speaking of which, I was guided towards this the other day :

What a great concept. It’s created by the EnduranceLife team and will cover all of the major national trails, allowing runners to log times with the use of a timing tag and checkpoints en-route. I’ve been thinking a lot about ultra trail running lately and whether or not there are windows within this racing season when I can head out and complete a national trail non-stop or in 2-3 days. I have a calendar full of races, particularly Ironman-distance, so I would have to pick dates carefully to allow adequate recovery from the trail run and limit damage to the balance of the training program. One potential slot is two weeks after the London Marathon. This would provide enough time to recover my running form, and I’d still have 12 weeks before Challenge Roth. I was planning to do a half ironman-distance race within that period but I am keener to do the ultra trail run.

I have not decided what I will do yet. I’ve been in talks with a couple of ultra friends and family about having a crack at a national trail running record. I know which one I’d like to do, but I need to decide when to do it. Again, I could find a slot in April-May, or I could leave it until next year when I may switch my focus from Ironman to Ultra Ironman and Ultra trail running anyway. The more likely option for April-May is a trail of around 75-100miles non-stop, or with a short break/sleep along the route. TrailBlaze is already set up on The Ridgeway. This is a 87mile trail with a more forgiving surface and profile than most of the other trails. I’ll be considering this for a few more weeks.

Training is currently limited to running only. The wrist injury progressed over the weekend to the point I had to have a splint attached on Monday (thanks to physio Linda Pymont). Diagnosis is indeed De Quervain syndrome. As usual I had no luck through my GP and the NHS, so I’m hoping my body will sort itself out. In a way it’s frustrating, especially as I have to use the left-hand predominantly, and have Yve help out with basic tasks. But I’m putting a positive slant on this. Thanks to the splint I’m now able to run without aggravating the arm. Last week I managed 70miles of running, which is probably a record on a training week (if you don’t count Offas Dyke). This week is the final/toughest week of my mesocycle before a recovery week, so I’m going to raise the bar again and go for 80-90miles. I’m enjoying my running right now and it’s nice not to have to think about forcing myself out for a swim or bike!

Next Events
Sat 5 Mar – Sri Chinmoy 10mile Run (Battersea Park) – optional
Sun 27 Mar – Kingston 16mile Run
Wed 30 Mar – Civil Service 10km Champs (Battersea Park)
Sun 17 Apr – London Marathon


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