Caesars Camp Endurance Races (22-23 Oct)


Recently returned from a week in Portugal with Yve.  A great holiday but I was a little worried about the amount of food I was eating from the buffets.  If it wasn’t for the occasional coastal runs and swims I would have been in trouble.  But I returned having added just 1kg in weight, and now I’m back to a decent race weight of 69.5-70kg and low RHR.  If I can hold that until Fri then I’ll be happy.  From a training perspective I’ve not done anywhere near what I should have done in preparation for the 100mile race so it’s going to be another case of turn up and see what happens.

Caesars Camp – 12pm Sat 22 Oct

Caesars Camp is an area of land near Aldershot (often used by the army).  The Endurance races take place this Sat 22 Oct from midday (100 and 50 miles) and midnight (30 miles).  Those that have entered the 100mile race but pull out at 50miles will still get an official time but will not receive a position in the 50mile race.  Crews are allowed, as well as pacers from 60miles onwards in the 100mile race.  The circuit is 10 x 10mile laps on a challenging(!) course.  There are no long hills but it’s quoted at having 1500ft/lap ascent, which is a fair bit.  I’ve recced parts of the course and noted that there are no sections of flat for more than 1-2mile in which to get into a rhythm, and plenty of loosen stones underfoot.  Should be interested.

I’ve been really looking forward to this race for some time.  I’ve achieved as much as I really want to in terms of Triathlon/Ironman, and I get more of a kick out of challenging myself, particularly with races/events I know I would struggle to complete.  I’ve so far done two Ultras of 45 and 55miles and run (with extended recoveries) overnight along Offas Dyke (75-80miles).  But I’ve not yet kept a pace up for such a long distance.  The course record for the 100mile race is 18hr41mins.

I’ve already come up with a gear list and a plan for my crew (Yve and my brother Dean).  I have a rough idea of my pacing/lap splits for 50-60miles.  From that point onwards I’ll be switching from race mode to survival mode and just ticking off the miles.  I’m intrigued to know how my body will respond through the night after 50-60miles running.  The cal/hr intake will have to be bumped up even more from the start and I’ll have to introduce a run/walk strategy later in the race to handle the heavy snacks.  I need to complete the 100mile race if I want to get enough  qualification pts to enter the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2012.  I need 5 from two races – Malvern(2) and CC100(3).  I have no idea if I’ll go the distance this weekend but will enjoy finding out!

I doubt there will be anything live online.  Will post a report next week.


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3 thoughts on “Caesars Camp Endurance Races (22-23 Oct)

  1. A win an awful experience !?

    But I know what you mean after than first Lanzarote IM I did in 2007. I remember having to run 30 seconds, walk 20 as my body was eating itself for the second half of the marathon.

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