August Part Deux

Just got back from a few days in the Dordogne with Yve. A nice break from training but I put on 1kg in weight thanks to the lovely bread, cheeses and wine. They certainly eat a lot of bread over there, a baguette wherever I turned my head! So it’s back into training and in particular building up the upper leg muscles, ankle stability and long (ultra) running as mentioned before.

I’ve been sourcing all sorts of information lately. Trail and Fell running is an area I’ve been unfamiliar with until two years ago, and I’m still learning new things. Just like triathlon there is an expanse of specific (and expensive) training and racing gear. I’ve already invested in some mid-range (cost) equipment to cut weight in particular, but may also start upgrading my clothing range. So I’ve been watching vids, reading magazines and ultra running websites to pick up any tips ahead of Caesars Camp 100 and the Bob Graham Round Recce….speaking of which, here’s the plan:

Mon – Travel to Castlerigg Farm, Keswick. Prep
Tue – Taxi to Threlkeld. Run legs 1 and 2 to Wasdale Head (B&B)
Wed – Run legs 3 and 4 to Keswick. Beer. Walk back to campsite
Thu – Travel back to London

Hoped to cover leg 1 at some point but I’d rather loosen up on Mon with some walking (to/from Keswick) after setting up the tent and getting a good nights sleep. On Thurs I now have to get back to London by 2pm to have an ECG strapped to my chest (for 24hrs). I feel fine with my training, the chest is less restrictive but the RHR is still elevated. I still think it’s post viral (from May) and will require the rest of the season to settle back down.

I’m managing a double run day (2 x 11-13miles at <=7:30/M) and a long run/walk (4hrs+) every week at the moment.  That’s the staple.  I’m then fitting other training around this inc weights and core. Still hoping to finalise the purchase of a new Planet Exocet Bike.


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One thought on “August Part Deux

  1. Sounds like a great trip up to the Lakes, especially after stages 3&4!

    Good to hear that you’re training without issues too.

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