Challenge Roth – 10 Jul

Challenge Roth (Ironman-Distance)
10 Jul 2011
Wave(1) Start Time: 06:30 (05:30 BST)

Race Number : 104
Live feeds (ticker, athlete tracker and streams) from :


Less than a week until Roth.  It’s an event I was originally looking forward to back at the turn of the year with aspirations of a finishing time closing in on 8:45.  Following the lack of specific training and the virus off the back of the Ultra in May I dropped this target from around 8:57(PB) to sub9 (entry fee reimbursement), and now it may even drop further back.  My RHR is still 6-8bpm above normal but more importantly I’m seeing huge increases in training sessions, as well as heart flutterings.  This despite a relaxed RPE and steady breathing.  I’ll give the swim everything I’ve got but I may have to reign-in the bike as I don’t want to stress the body any more than I have to with IMUK just three weeks after.  It’s a bit annoying but then you have to roll with occasional injuries and illnesses (and I’ve experienced my fair share), I just hope it’s nothing viral related and potentially sustainable.

I’m starting in the first wave with the pro’s and other sub9 athletes.  The wave number allocation goes up to 300, so there shouldn’t be any more than that.  Perfect opportunity to get a decent time.  I’d like to get on the feet of ~55min swimmers. I’d be really pleased with that.  In 2009 I did 58mins but that was after a panic attack at the start and a loss of a couple of mins getting myself together again. 

I’m using the same bike as 2009.  Very minor differences – 100g on the saddle is prob about it!  It’s obviously a couple of years old and I’ve only replaced one tyre, chainset and pedals since then.  I’ll be cramming the puncture kit behind and under the saddle as per usual.  I don’t believe in the rear bottle holders – too much wind resistance coming off your back.  I’d rather stick it underneath and as high up the seat post as possible.  Pic below (I just have to tidy up the saddle a bit).  Once I’m back from Roth I’ll be sorting out a spanking new Planet-X bike with Bike Science.  That means the Argon will need to go, so if anyone wants to make an offer…

There is no way I’ll beat the 4:46 (23.5mph) I did in Roth 09.  That was a pee-free monster of a bike ride.  I’ll hope to hold something like 22.5mph and come off the bike in 5:00 (6:00 on the clock).  I’ve been playing around with positioning of gel flasks and have a few options that will reduce clutter and mean I don’t have to grab nutrition on the move.

If my heart is (literally) still in it then I’ll have a go at a reasonable marathon but I’ll back off if it doesn’t feel right/don’t feel well.  The weather reports currently suggest a lot of rain next weekend so that would be nice for the run.  Not so much for the bike.

If you want to follow me,  live updates will be here from 5am BST :

Predicted Splits
2011 (2009)
Swim – 0:56 (0:58)
Bike – 4:55+ (4:46)
Run – ? (3:09)
Overall – 9:00-9:30

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to the race, especially after an exciting weekend at Ironman Austria where loads of records were broken and the five people I coach all made PBs and hit target times. 

I’ll also be doing a bit of sight-seeing around Germany with Yve.  We’re driving over two days from Wednesday, staying overnight just outside Cologne.  Then from Thurs-Mon in Nuremberg, about 30mins north of Roth.  Once the event is over we’re driving up to visit Yve’s family in Suhl (2hrs north of Nuremberg) for a few days.  Should be great.

Next Events
Sun 10 Jul – Challenge Roth (IM-Distance)
Sun 15 Jul – DEFRA Track and Field
Sun 31 Jul – Ironman UK


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