25 April 2011 – Back in-it’

Recovery from the London Marathon has gone better than I thought.  The quads were obviously mashed for a few days, but by Thursday I was running again and the week culminated in a 4hr run/walk in and around Richmond Park.  I put a little too much emphasis on the running (19miles) but it was good to know I could handle that distance with two weeks until the Malvern Ultra.  I tried my new Raidlight Olmo 5 Backpack and although it’s a fantastic design sitting high on the upper back and shoulders with bottles on the (front) shoulder straps, it’s going to take a little getting used to particularly the sloshing sounds from the bottles.  The new inov-8 shoes were fine but exasperated some damage (compression of the nerves) from the marathon to the top of the left foot.  A little cold-treatment over the next week will ease it

The Malvern Hills Ultra is on Sat 7 May.  My intention is to train well this week, getting in a couple of long distance bike rides and bringing back the swimming form.  Both were a lot better last week showing some decent pace.  At least one of those bike rides will be in Richmond Park on the Argon TT bike.  The bike will get a service on May 5th and hopefully a drive-train overhaul.  I’ve not been completely confident on it this year because of a few issues.  Apart from the saddle and (potential loan) front wheel, it will be the same bike as last year.  Just need to get the engine sorted.

I’ve added another ultra trail race to the calendar – the Caesars Camp 100miles on 22-23 Oct. This race will provide 3pts as qualification for the 2012 Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB).  I have to acquire 5pts from 2 races in the two years prior to the event, and submit by December.  So as long as I can complete Malvern and CC, I will be in with a chance in the ballot.  CC is on a 10mile looped hilly course so I may take it really easy and break up with some sleep, just to get around in time.  It’s also two weeks after a potential (based on qualification at Ironman UK) Hawaii Ironman.  I’ve been thinking about the Hawaii Ironman over the last week and am still undecided whether or not I would take a slot if I qualified for it.  I will be putting my body through a lot this year and a hot Ironman preceeding a 100m hilly ultra run might just tip my body over the edge.  Saying that, I don’t know what my cycling and swimming fitness will be like anyway after all the ultra running in the last six months, so I’ll just see what happens.

One thing I will start to do is compare my current training log with that of 2009, and not only bring myself up to a similar training level but also trying to achieve better results.  My first triathlon of the year will probably be the Worcester Sprint on 26 June.  Just like 2009, this will be three weeks before Challenge Roth (Ironman-Distance) so I have the opportunity to fine-tune my training, try out the racing gear, and hopefully break my 2009 splits.  With the great weather we are having I certainly have acquired a new zest for training, particularly swimming and cycling.  This happens every year.

I’ll do a pre Malvern Ultra blog next week.  HERE is the route (in blue).


Next Events
Sat 7 May – Malvern Hills Ultra (54M)
Sat 11 Jun – Sri Chinmoy 10km (tbd)
Sun 26 Jun – Worcester Sprint Triathlon


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