21 March 2011 – Back in the Pool

 In the last couple of weeks I have started introducing the swimming and cycling to the training programme.  With the recovery off the double ironman, wrist injury and increased running mileage I have not had a chance to build myself back into the two disciplines.  At least with cycling there is a decent cross-over from running in terms of fitness, however swimming requires a more sustained level of training and it’s been a struggle to do sessions longer than 40mins.

Last week however has seen some improvement.  Funnily enough it came almost immediately after an introduction of a particular food into the diet.  I’d researched it last autumn and starting taking it on a regular basis because of its nutritional content and positive feedback.  It took me right up to beginning of February but from one thing or another I didn’t consider ordering a new supply.  But in this sport more than any there can be a number of variables that affect performance on a training and racing level, so it would be silly to suggest a recent improvement in swimming and cycling form was as a result of one particular food type.

With the increase of (ultra spec) running over the winter I’ve seen a drop in overall weight (69.5-70.0kg).  I’m currently 1.5kg lighter than at this point last year.  This is from a reduction in swimming and resistance work (gym and core).  It will certainly benefit me in terms of the approaching running races, but I will have to start building the upper body back up following the ultra run race in May in time for Challenge Roth in July.  But that is fine by me.  Once the London Marathon is over I’ll be much more inclined to head to Battersea Park and mix it up with the other cyclists.

Overall I’m feeling quite tired from the training despite less hrs/week than previous years.  Again, this is down to the increase in running mileage.  It’s certainly very difficult to balance high mileage running weeks and/or ultra sessions with Ironman-spec training.  I hope to get through the year in good form so I can perhaps specialise a little more next year.  I’m still feeling keen and (touch wood) have been clear of any major injuries or illness so I’m looking forward to all the challenges that come my way.  Nice to finally get some decent weather!

It may be that when I cycle or run past enthusiastic dogs these days I’m filled more with trepidation than caution.  I’ve now been bitten (through the flesh) twice; once this year on the bike in Lanza and once in Battersea Park during a lunchtime run by a young greyhound.  I’ve also hit a dog that ran out into a shared cycle/pedestrian path after its owner through a ball across it.  I hit the terrier so hard I thought I killed it, and it sent me over the bars.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to dodge or leap over other dogs.  Of course it’s not the dogs I’m angry about, it’s the owners.  If you cannot control your dog and it poses a threat to cyclists and runners then it should be kept on a lead.   Aaaaaand relax!

Next Events
Sun 27 Mar – Kingston 16mile Run
Wed 30 Mar – Civil Service 10km Champs (Battersea Park)
Sun 17 Apr – London Marathon



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