2011(a) – Sponsors

19 Jan – CSSC vs RAF XC 10km
5-6 Feb – Double Iron Lanzarote
27 Mar- Kingston 16M Breakfast Run



I need to get back into the process of blogging, so a few short posts to kick the year off.  First of all a mention of my main sponsors so far for the 2011 season:

I will be racing under the newly formed Team Bike Science – Planet X this season.  Bike Science (Bristol) have been really useful throughout the 2010 season.  They have helped me find my perfect racing position (via the 3D retul bike-fit), as well as provide some great tech advice.  I’ve been very grateful for this and look forward to racing for the team in 2011.  It looks as though I’ll be back in the 2-piece tri suit this season – yellow racing colours.  With some new red hyperspeed asics, flame-tinted glasses and white-blond hair, I wont be hard to spot!
If you need a decent bike-fit or some quality cycling gear at a competitive price then you can’t do better than Bike-Science and Planet-X.  Visit : http://www.bike-science.com/ and http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/

This is the second year I (and Target-Fitness) have been a Elagen sponsored athlete.  Obviously it’s very important for endurance athletes to look after their immue system and as a coach I had already done a little research on the Elagen products, particularly Elagen Sport, which has the energy catalyst coenzyme Q10 (an antioxidant).  I’ve been using Elagen Sport on a daily basis, increasing the dosage when I’m feeling run-down and/or during a heavy training period.  I also take Beta Alanine around intensive training sessions and leading up to key races.  Elagen have been really helpful.  I’m hoping to get an Elagen Ultra running team together for an ultra off-road running race towards the end of the season.  Visit : http://www.elagen.com/shop/elagen-sport-1.html

Infinit Nutrition were the first company to sponsor me a few years back.  Michael and Emmie have been really helpful for both myself and Target-Fitness, particularly with picking particular  products.  Infinit are the only company I am aware of that provide customised sports powder (carb, protein and electrolyte blends) based on the clients preferences.  It’s all calculated online with the use of sliders.  Visit : http://www.infinitnutrition.eu/

These are all my current main sponsors for the 2011 season, but I’m also thankful to the following who have provided awsome support:

Activate4 – inc TF
Delucci Retreat Training Camp – inc TF
Body Logic Physiotherapy Twickenham
Teddington Sports Centre
Civil Service Sports Council


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