Ironman UK – Sun 1st Aug

6 days to Ironman UK
16 days to CS Track and Field



RACE NO : 845

Here we go again…..!

Not sure how I feel about this race following Germany. I certainly want to rock up on the day feeling rested, and confident that my bike will behave itself. I visited my physio at BodyLogic last week and was given the two words any ageing athlete doesn’t want to hear, “wear and tear”. Over recent years I have picked up many muscle and nerve problems. I currently have lower back pains that I carried through Ironman Germany, and just recently a shoulder nerve impingement. It’s the third time I’ve had this in the last 12 months. It’s a throbbing pain that can drive me up the wall and keep me awake at night. I had it during Challenge Roth last year, so maybe it’s a good omen. I don’t mind a little pain during the race, because it will increase adrenalin and help me focus, but not at the expense of pre-race sleep.

The Ceepo is ready. The speedfil has been replaced with a standard bottle cage on the down-tube, and another (attached with zip ties) on the bar stem. The new set-up is less aerodynamic than the Speedfil, but I’m currently more comfortable with it.  Had a session in Hampton Lido with the wetsuit, and it’s obvious I’ve lost a lot more around the waist.  I’ll have to look for a new wetsuit during the off season.


Second year IMUK has been held near Bolton. A new lake for the swim and a small change to the start of the bike, but the rest is supposed to be the same. I’ll be looking for 56mins on an accurately measured swim. My Ironman T1 has never been very quick, but then I do put compression and socks on at this point. Aim will be to start the bike on the hour.

Really hoping I can do some damage with the bike. I’ll admit it’s been hard to handle but I’ve taken it out a lot more lately and I’m starting to get a feel. It’s not as responsive on corners and I’m not the most technical rider, so I’ll be checking out any descents in advance on a recce, so I don’t end up in a hedge during the race.  Despite the legs and the puncture I still felt a bit lazy in Germany, so I’ll get my head down from the off in IMUK. First bike splits might seem quick. No prediction on overall time since the course is tough, but I’d like to move into Top5-10 in my AG.

The run is where I’ll hopefully bring it back as I want to finish Top3 in my AG. I’ll know straight away if it’s going to be my day. I’ll build up to 4:20/km and try to hold it as long as possible. I usually have a lull for the middle section of the marathon before picking it up again. It’s usually because my glycogen levels are sinking and I have to knock back a lot more cals.
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13 thoughts on “Ironman UK – Sun 1st Aug

  1. Hi Daz, re Sheephouse Lane, I am not sure if you climb it or descend it if its the same course. Its very close to the swim and formed part of Commonwealth Games course we helped BBC in their wishes to cut back certain trees when I worked as a Town Planner for Bolton MBC. I also used to train on the roads a lot. Not sure you will be one for scenery – but good views. Sue and I will be following your progress and hopefully your Kona slot awaits.

  2. 6am ?!?!?!?! So much for 7 then. thought I was going to get a lie in :(

    See you before the race… (Maybe) see you race day before the finish. ;)

  3. Why don’t you put the compression socks underneath your wetsuit. I did this for IMNZ and it proved no problem at all. I didn’t notice them whilst I swam, and they dried very quickly on the bike.

    • At both Challenege Roth (2009) and IM Germany this year the rules stated no compression worn in the swim. I could have taken the risk in Roth (I’m not sure how vigilant the referees were in T1)….but the Ironman Germany was non-wetsuit and refs were checking everything!

      Having said that – I’ve just checked the IMUK general rules and there is no indication of a ban on compression in the swim, so ammendments may have been made. I don’t know why they came up with the rule in the first place, unless there was some issue regarding extra buoyancy from some products or cramping risks.

  4. 1 minute in Lanza? Funny coincidence. Lanza was not a great day for me, really suffered on the run due to poor weight management! Good job I’d got the Kona slot back in Western Oz.

    Perhaps I’ll meet you out in Kona Daz!

  5. Lots of good wishes Daz
    you seem to have it all thought about n covered
    lets hope it works good on the day
    –will be following

  6. I think getting the same body pains as before Roth must be a good omen, as you broke the sound barrier that day.

    All the best, Kona awaits.

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