Tuesday 8 June 2010

26 days to Ironman Germany
54 days to Ironman UK

4 weeks until Ironman Germany and I’m now starting to switch my focus from training programming, to training and racing equipment.  Not a lot more I can do now from a training point of view.  This weekend I will be racing the VO2 Cerney Lake Triathlon (1500m lake swim, 40km bike, 10km run) to try the gear out one more time and make some more changes.  There were a few minor issues at Merchant Taylors that needed sorting out.  Another early (3:30am) start, but we actually quite enjoyed opening up the day last time around.

So, to the equipment!  Working backwards with the Running discipline – I was quite surprised when I emptied out the basement today to find quite a collection of shoes!

I’m sure there are people out there with much larger collections, and the crazy thing is they all serve a purpose!

I always ensure I have a couple of trainers available for IM racing, with at least one broken in 1-2months beforehand – enough time to break them in, and yet get the most from the cushioning.  I have a pair of Newton Gravity (top second left) that I’ve been using for races up to Half Marathon this year.  They encourage mid-forefoot running which suits my gait and improves running efficiency.  If I had the money I’d invest in a pair of Newton Isaacs which have cushioning in the rear/heel of the shoe, which comes in useful towards the end of a marathon when you sit-back a little more from fatigue.  I currently have the next two shoes along – Asics DS Trainer and and two old pairs of Mizuno Wave Elizir 3.  The DS Trainer is a narrow fit and feels quick but lacks the cushioning of the Mizuno WE, which I used last year and felt very comfortable during the worst of the achilles tendonitis.  I have yet to decide which of three shoes to use in Ironman Germany and UK, but there is still a little more time to get some long runs in.  I’m half-tempted to wear one trainer on each foot over ~6-8miles.  Not a clever idea but it’s a short-cut!

The other shoes are a collection of racing shoes/flats (light weight and limited cushioning – useful up to 10km), off-road shoes (less flexibility and soft studs for extra grip), track and off-road shoes with spikes for the track (& field) sprints and some x-country races. 

I mix up my (and clients) training programmes with all sorts of development and maintenance sessions depending on the mesocycle.  Ideally I’d have a double-run (2 x 1hr-1hr30), a track session (45mins of 400-1600 intervals), a medium intensity race-spec run (45mins-1hr15 @ mara race pace) and a couple of short brick sessions (run-off bike).  But it never turns out that way!

Based on my races and training output I’m on a par with the short distances last year, but a little better on long-distance, partic the run-off.  I did 3:08 at Roth last year, so would like to have a go at <3:00 at Ironman Germany.  My strength in triathlon is the run and the IM mara split is never too far away from a straight split, although I have yet to complete a Marathon @ 100%).

Looking forward to Saturday.  I have made a few changes to the bike which should speed me up a little albeit at the expense of comfort as I now have a very narrow set-up on the Ceepo.  I did 4hrs around Richmond Park the other day and took a couple of hrs for the shoulders to settle-in.  But then that’s the trade-off – comfort vs speed.  Comfort can wait until I’m a little older and start slowing down!!


5 thoughts on “Running

  1. nice to see a variety of colours as well!!!
    Id always go for comfort, must mean Im old!!!
    Get that tweaking right

  2. I’m following this to my wife to justify the amount of trainers I have! Interesting Richard Hobson, Captain Quads, is now riding the same bike as you with a similar water bottle setup. I can’t see it but I’m guessing you have the massive 1.4 litre bottle?

    • Hi Neil.
      Not sure, I’ll be using the speedfil (1.2ltr max) only for the IM, which seems made for my bike – fits flush in the frame and the annoying gap in the CKT bars serves as a good straw holder! (see pic) Still playing with bike set-up, but after a race at weekend I’ll set it up and take a pic.

  3. What size shoe are you?
    I have a pair of Sir Isaacs you can have and I will happily send you all the way from sunny Louisiana USA. They are a UK 11 I believe. They are a nice snug fit.

    I had one pair and they were great but have a second sponsor willing to supply nike lunar shoes so the Isaac’s are now surplus. So my second pair have maybe 50 miles on them give or take and if they are the right size they are yours.
    Let me know


    • Great to chat to you Stuart
      You’ve helped me make my mind up on a few issues, but you’ve also opened up a few more questions ;O)
      As I said I will do a few testers over the weekend and potentially buy the lunars you mentioned next week (unless somethign else surfaces).

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