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Likeys.com were originally created to provide products aimed at those competing in extreme ultra racing events in climates such as arctic, deserts and jungles all over the world. Over the years they have expanded, and now provide an extensive range of products for the wider sporting market including mountain marathons and adventure racing, as well as triathlons and cycling. They also organise the infamous 6633 Artic Ultra and popular Brecon Beacons Ultra.


From their website: “9bar is made by our own fair hand at our craft bakery here in Wales using only natural ingredients so it’s full of good stuff. While what it isn’t full of is the stuff you’ll be more than happy to do without. For example, 9bar is free from wheat, gluten, yeast and egg. It’s ideal for those with specific allergies or dietary requirements and contains no trans fats, artificial additives, preservatives or colours.”

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A major problem for all sports people is lowered immune defences. Vigorous and repeated physical exertion is known to damage the immune system and increase susceptibility to illness.  Elagen Sport is the only sports supplement to combine the natural complementary actions of Eleutherococcus and Coenzyme Q10.

Precision bike fitting services across the UK.

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